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Ariamnes is a multi-faceted hospitality-sales, marketing, & design firm based in lower Manhattan. With over 15 years experience in all aspects of the industry & working with some of the worlds leading boutique hotels & restaurants, Ariamnes specializes in the resourceful development, marketing & designs of new projects.

In partnership with a vast team of creative professionals & a deep passion for the hospitality industry, Ariamnes is able to nurture growing businesses to help them reach their full potential through events, branding, social media, web & graphic design, photography & video production, advertising campaigns, strategic marketing, & most importantly driving sales. 

Inspiration comes from a genus of arachnid known for its unique ability to create beautiful & complex, three-dimensional structures over vast distances with its extraordinary web. This expansive, reinforced web has allowed this species to adapt & flourish in every environment on the planet. 


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